Accessibility of Eclipse is topic at EclipseCon Europe 2016

Published September 2016

At this year's EclipseCon Europe, from 25 - 27.10.2016 in Ludwigsburg, the Cooperate team gives a lecture on the accessibility of Eclipse at 27.10. The results of an online survey of Eclipse and personal experiences are presented to the Eclipse community. The team would like to back accessibility into the focus of the open source developer community and give new ideas for further developments of accessibility in Eclipse.

New menu items and content

Published July 2016

The Web page contains two new menu items: Downloads and Contact. For example, the training materials are freely provided in the download section. The current status of the cooperation tool is also published within this section. We will continuously provide the ongoing progress within the download section.

Participation of Cooperate at ICCHP 2016

Published March 2016

The team of Cooperate is represented with another publication on the ICCHP in Linz this year. The title of the publication is: Guidelines for Accessible Textual UML Modeling Notations. Further steps towards the creation of a textual notation for UML diagrams has been made with this publication. Its content deals with an analysis of existing notations and the derivation of guidelines for the design of the Cooperate notation.

Photo of Cooperate-Team

Published February 2016

A photograph shows the current members of the Cooperate team. The photo was taken in February 2016 and can be seen under the menu item Project Information at the heading "The team".

Flyer for Cooperate

Published February 2016

The Cooperate project developed a flyer for clarification of the project idea and objectives. In order to ensure a barrier-free access, the website was also printed in Braille on the backside of the flyer. The digital version (only available in German) can be accessed at the following link: Cooperate-Flyer.


Published January 2016

Two new publications will be presented during this year at the conferences MODELSWARD2016 and VBS-Congress.

A survey of textual UML-Notations will be presented at the Modeslward conference. The survey categorize 31 languages into 20 categories. This survey serves as a basis for the development of the textual notation of the Cooperate project. Moreoverthe inclusive concept of the developed UML-Teaching material will be presented at the VBS-Congress.

Tactile UML-Poster at the SZS

Published January 2016

We create a poster (100cm x 70cm) showing an exemplary implementation of an activity diagram at the Study Centre for the Visually Impaired. It displays a diagram in PlantUml notation both in Braille and in normal print, and two graphics. One of them is a tactile graphic and the other one shows the automatically generated graphical output from the PlantUml server. The digital version of the poster can be downloaded at the following link: Poster.