Training Materials

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Introduction to the Unified Modeling Language UML

The UML training materials are only available in German at the moment. The UML training consists of several modules, which together provide a comprehensive insight into five diagram types of UML and PlantUML. Diagrams which are currently covered are the class diagram, use case diagram, activity diagram, state charts and the sequence diagram. Subsequently, all documents are listed with use and provided as a PDF available for download. All training materials are written in German at the moment. To download all document in a zip-archive follow the link: Download. To download single documents see the download links next to each line.

  1. The main document [.pdf]
    1. Extra appendix to compare the solutions of the exercises in an easier way [.pdf]
    2. Extra document of the table summaries as a quick reference of all UML elements [.pdf]
  2. An introduction to PlantUML [.pdf]
  3. All graphics contained in (1) as PlantUML-Code [.pdf]
  4. A Power-Point-Presentation [.pdf]

Extra documents on demand

  1. Tactile map of all graphics
  2. Braille-Map of all PlantUML-Codes from the graphics

Introduction to the Programming Environment Eclipse

In this training, we introduce the programming environment Eclipse – that is, the installation of Eclipse and Java is explained as well as configurations to use Eclipse in conjunction with screen readers and braille displays. Afterwards, the basic elements of the user interface are described and we will create a simple Java Project which you can download below. Focus of this training is on the interaction and short cuts for visual impaired users. This training was developed with the analysis of an online questionnaire which was conducted before elaborating the actual training. The results of this questionnaire can also be found here. All documents can be downloaded as zip archive (download) or separate:

  1. Questionnaire [.pdf]
  2. Main document [.pdf
  3. Example Eclipse project [.zip]  

Extra documents on demand:

  1. Structure of the user interface of Eclipse as tactile graphic

Introduction to the Cooperate Tool 

The Cooperate tool is an extension of the the IDE Eclipse. You can create and edit UML diagrams by using a textual or an graphical editor. The introduction for installing the tool and the documentation (both in english) is avaibale on the following papge: dokumentation of the cooperate tool